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Yogical Space
Via de ̈SS Quatro, No.27

Rome, Italy
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The art & power of the Urut Batin & Lingam Massage 4 Men

Rome, Italy / May 5-7

:: The experience ::

  • Tantra is an ancient philosophy and practice that is considered the perfect model and technology to embody mind & sexuality in one process that can lead you to a healing or supra-conscious experience.
  • This weekend we will learn how to prepare the body; how to give & receive two ancient techniques on the lingam. The energy generated and what can bring to you is one of the most powerful experiences that a men can have.
  • We invite you to interconnect with your body and the capability that it has. You will learn how to expand your sexual energy and how to control it.
  • This is an experience designed to be exploring,to be learning between men likewise, or that curious about how to interrelate to their own body, lingam & sexual energy.


    •The phallus is the lingam, the symbol of Shiva’s manhood, and of which the human organ is just a microcosmic reflection.
    • Learn how to explore the whole parts of the body that base up the Lingam.

    • Most of the times we do not know how deep and resistant can be this organ. The URUT Batin technique is a tantric Indonesian Massage that is considered to be one of the most healthy tools regarding erectile dysfunction, emiction problems, lack of libido and re-stimulation on sexual áreas.

    •The art of the lingam massage is not just to touch or manipulate the penus. It has the target to massage the lingam as a whole structure from all the base and elements on it.

    •It has more than 29 strokes.

    •You will recognize the sexual frequency in the massage: stimulation, erotization, sensualization and sexualization.

    The difference between orgasms and ejaculation. And the base of masculine multi- orgasmia and the expansion of the sexual energy. Come out of this technique

    This sacred sexuality tool connects with a supra- conscious experience.


    – Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga & Sexual Energy
    – Tantra Massage to prepare the body for both experiences.

    – Urut Batin and lingam Massage.
    – Orgasm & the learning on expansion of sexual energy. -Multi-Orgasmia on the Lingam .

    – The power of the breathing & Big Draw in both techniques.
    – Control of Sexual Energy the techniques on you and how to on other ones.

    – Trasmutation of Sexual Energy . From density to superior frequencies.


    Friday 16.30 – 20hrs Saturday 9-18 hrs

    Sunday 9.30 -17 hrs.

    Tea Break included.

    Lunch & Hotel is not included


    Yogical Space (Via de ̈SS Quatro, No.27 ) Rome Italy.

    COST: 295 euros Deposit: 150 euros


May 5 @ 16:00
May 7 @ 17:00
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