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Bastide La Guerine
Bastide La Guérine | Gîtes & Chambres d'hôtes 04210

Valensole, Alpes de Haute, Alpes de Haute-Provence Frankrijk 04210 France
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Extreme Divine, a Men´s Retreat

Valensole, France / June 7-11

Why to assist?

Tantra is a life experience that in conjunction with a Methodology to develop the inner divine on you; will allow you to enjoy, relax & liberate, but at the same time learning & discovering a new YOU. To expand and liberate needs time & guiding, things that you will find here.

What will I expect from it?

The sensation of being on vacations in a safe environment with men that think likewise. That every moment and process that you live will be a life living experience that will mark your existence.


Nude Tantra Yoga, meditations, massages, pranayamas, erotica & ludic games, mystical music, swimming pool activities & more. If you want to take a break during the retreat, you can do it, activities are not mandatory.

Alone or can I bring my partner?  Either way is a nice experience.

THE IDEAL SET on the Lavanda Fields at French Campiña!!


IN these five days you will live a transformation process. Tantra & the inner divine methodology will be a vehicle to show you the power of your body & your whole being.

We will introduce you to the primitive man with no attachment, no limits, and corners. The liberation to be naked, alive & with no labels; will unveil the warrior capable of confronting blockages & fears.

You will discover that a simple breathing exercise will help you in the process. Body & Mind will be the door to a collective state of masculinity, a way to purify us. Learn that sexual energy goes far beyond a physical need; it will be the formula to expand and get to know the hero, the master & the divine in YOU.

You will make new friends that had shared the benefits of a Tantra session. You will discover the power of relaxation, the sexual energy movement, and your body awareness created by conscious and sacred touch.

You will learn that your whole being & sexual energy are instruments to get connected with the divine and the warrior in you, reaching a high awareness process. The control of sexual energy, the multi-orgasmic & the transmutation of energies will be tools that you will learn and do deep practice.

How is one day on the retreat ?

Wake up with a cup of tea. Discover that breathing has the power to switch in your vital energy. Enjoy avery healthy breakfast with the view of the mountains.  Activate the most sacred within you: body, mind & sexual energy  through out Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga. Refresh yourself in a nice swimming pool after  being received a wonderful full body massage. Imagine the art of expanding the pleasure not only with the touch. Discover that meditation is not a passive act , that with movement and music you can enter to different state of mind.

Say good bye to the night with an open sky and the most wonderful company : new friends that had shared their sacred with you.


Bastide La Guérine is a 17th century farmhouse surround by the French provence and the Lavanda plateau. On the week that we will hold the retreat the Lavanda will start to flourish; taking us to experience something unique.

We will have different areas of the venue to develop our activities from a yoga space, a swimming pool but the most important the nature  and the sun of the provence.

Bastide La Guérine localize at Valensole in the Provence (district of Alpes de Haute-Provence) , it is reachable by public transportation or car.


Bastide La Guérine | Gîtes & Chambres d’hôtes

04210 Valensole

Alpes de Haute-Provence, Francia

T  + 33 6 07 35 23 68  or  + 31 6 15 94 37

Arrival on wednesday afternoon befor dinner (16h00).
Workshops from wednesday afternoon till sunday morning.
Departure sunday after lunch.

3-4 person room: € 385,- per person all inclusive
shared room: € 415,- per person all inclusive
single room: € 480,- per person all inclusive
The price includes the workshops.

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Info and reservation: info@laguerine.fr
You can extend your all-inclusive stay for € 70,- a day (shared room) or € 85,- a day
(single room).


June 7 @ 16:00
June 11 @ 17:00
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