09:30 — 18:30
Van Ostadestraat 385-H

Amsterdam, 1074 VX Netherlands
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The capacity and power that we males have in our nature state as masculine and sexual beings to create physical or mental sexual arousal can take you to a specific moment in which everything is the pleasure and there is no mind ; that is Extasis. This stimulus is developed in our body, mind and being created by a person or a circumstance.  In Tantra,  the extasis opens the senses; uncovers the sexual desire (sexualization) and then finally over full the feeling with pleasure. The link of this arousal open the gates to supra-consious.

The Beginning who we are and the capability to generate an Extasis process

Create an erotical moment and transformed into a sacred process.

The “Initiare” as a sexual tool.

–  the stimulation & the intention as elements to generate sexual states.

–  Sensorial intention the creation of a state on body and mind.–  On the result (causal) the synergy and the tantric tools.–  The intentional phase and how to keep the momentum, t

Opening your senses, the communication of your body- your mind- and your eroticism.

Exploring the sexual you and how to use the energy.

Present and aware the key to a sexual self-experience.

Tantric Tools to induce extasis

The power of the touch & The Drista

The intention & Where to touch

Your voice how to modulate your erotical energy

Seduction and its phases.

Unwrapping the body

Nudity doesn´t mean the end.

Erotic massages; the art of the never ending pleasure. Erotica Lingam, Light & Candle Massage; Body 2 Body


  • Dynamics with Body, Energy, and Bonding with the other ones.
  • Nature the undress masculine you, acceptance and surrendering to the Body and Sexuality.
  • Tantric Embodiment throughout Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga a sexual experience!!
  • Practical Erotika and Sexuality how to use it out of this workshop.
  • Interconnecting with you and the other, using empowerment.
  • How to create sexual energy and the micro-orbit technique, developing our  life force seed in our hearts.
  • Masculinity and the art of Tantra Massage to generate our Alter Male Figure!!

What to Bring 

  • A beach Towel; a small towel; a sarong or lungi; sandals, comfortable cloths, you can bring a snack, sandwich or salad for the lunch time (or you can go out).
  • We will have small breaks, we include Thea and coffee Break .


April 29 @ 09:30
April 30 @ 18:30
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Anand Rudra