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Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

April 11th & 22nd.

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An old secret practice just performed by Tantricas over more than 4,000 years ago

This Yoga practice aims to collect all the energy that exist in the human being and concentrate the effort to awaken kundalini in order to ascend it through Shushuma and reach Sahasrara and generate Samadhi, the state of spiritual realization.

Rituals, Tantra Techniques, Partner Yoga, Swara Yoga, and Sacred Energy are some of the tools that the dravidians developed in old times, in order that the Tantric could have the Sacred Energy in a state of Relax-Awarenes.

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is a practice that is complete new within modern Yoga, even though its origins is on the Tantra Kahula´s teachings. This methodology has nothing to do with the actual yoga, but the system of asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, mudras, and locks work in the same or deeper frequency that the Normal Yoga.

A T K Y some of its process are linked to different Systems like the kundalinic, Babaji´s Tantra Yoga (pranayamas), Agama Yoga (at the esoteric part) & Hatha´s (At the work with the balancing). Contrary to many methodologies that are in search of relaxation, physical exercises, balancing the energy or the cleans up of the chakra system; ATKY takes the practice of Yoga to another dimension.

The three dimensions of the being are the phases in which Prana and sacred energy (sexual energy placed with an intention) will be the main basic elements on this practice. The main goal will be to collect, handle, transform & transmute the life force of our being.

For that matter, ATKY will use 5 tools that Tantra Kahula uses: Pranayamas (Swahara Yoga); meditation ( not only static but dinamic); the Asana & Kriya; Ritualism and Sacred Sexuality.


April 11 @ 18:30
April 22 @ 21:00
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