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Ancestral Tantra Kriya Yoga
A practice designed just for Dakhas and Dakhinis !!

Imagine a practice in which you can have in each asana a life living experience that can transform you. Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is a practice that is complete new within modern Yoga, even though its origins is on the Tantra Kahula´s teachings. This methodology does not have nothing to do with the actual yoga, but the system of asanas, kriyas, pranaymas, mudras and locks work in the same or deeper frecuency that the Normal Yoga.

ATKY use this technology in our energetical system to move & collect different energies, to meditate, to liberate and to transmute. We practice chakra base breathing at the basic & intermediate levels, then we pass to Upper Chakra breathing in the advance level.

- Explore the slept power of your sacred energy throughout pranayamas, synchronization of your energy with another person; asanas are done individually, with a partner or collective.
- Experience Tantra Techniques and active meditation in order to awake your sacred being and share this energy with the whole group.
- Prepare yourself to reconnect to the God or Goddes that is within yourself and discover the power of the inner strenght.
- Relax-awareness will empower you into an entire complete different way.
- Expect the un-expected and build up your body, your sacred energy and the capability of know yourself.

 Traditional Tantra Yoga by Marcelo

1-hour traditional tantric yoga to bring your systems back to harmony: balance your energetic body, flow into pleasant emotional stability, and strengthen your muscles. Includes pranayamic meditations to connect with the most subtle layers or your being, your Soul.

Tantra FIX Yoga by MARCELO

Tantric yoga express reset: 30 min yoga sequence for a deep energetic and mental re-boot.
Also works on bone alignment and muscle strength for a grounded and graceful life flow.

Orgasmic Pranayamic Meditation

The life force energy that you can generate in one Orgasmic Meditation session is really powerful.
*The use of conscious breathing allows your self to unplug from the daily problems to focus your attention to be present and aware.
*Chakra Base Breathing, allows you to be in your body and not in your mind. It goes directly to the physical and energy body allowing us to feel immediately the PRANA moving to all our body This in combination with the Sacred Lock or Bandha will detonate sacred energy in your 3 bodies (physical, mental, energy).
*Nostril or Upper Chakras Breathing, once you have mastered the practice in itself the use of nostril breathing will allow you to move sacred energy as you want; interconnect with your chakra system or even to interconnect with the universe or transmute the energy that you had collected during session.

The aim of OPM (Orgasmic Pranayamic Meditation) will depend on the intention generated.
It can take you to a relaxed awareness state.
It can activate all your body and at the same time feel completely expanded.
Also, can generate a state of no-mind which can lead you to a connection to supra consciousness.
A OPM works with an amazing technology that will surprise you !!!


We decided to give you one of the most ancient practices within Tantra & Tantra Yoga within Kaula Technology. This is part of the Swahara Yoga techniques in which the Modern Yoga Nidra took its roots. Be prepared to take you on a Journey where everything comes in a Relax Driven awareness state of mind. Dreaming, Pulse Manifestations & ecstatic night practices!!

Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga 4 Men

The true nature of the Yoga was in nudity. At the early stages of the Tantra practice among the Dravidians. One of the aspects of the Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga practice is that was performed in nudity. This session was done before a public puja in which there was a need of a huge amount of energy from the Tantrika, the Dakhas and Dakinis.
The practice of the nudity is concieved in the following concepts.
**The Divine nature of the human being to renaunce to every thing and in special to the material things. **Being aware of your own body and the sensation of freedom when you practice asanas and not being restricted to the cloths.
**Take away the inhibitions and accept ourselves as we are. Feeling that there is no shame of being in our bodies not being Judie, just being who we are. No labels , no genders, no sexuality , just energy and universes.
**Take away to be attached to the physical body and celebrate the resonance of energy with the universe. ** Imagine that you have two physical objects in which each one is first interconnected to mother earth and he or she is moving energy with in his or her own body. This energy when you want to create an electrical circuit between the two objects you can not have nothing that blocks that interconnection of energy.
** The sacred symbol of a nude human body.

OVARIC orgasmic Breathwork


The Ovaries, uterus, and breasts are the female anatomical part with the most energy potential of the whole body because they contain our seed of life.
ROAF is a system of revitalization, liberation, and transformation of our internal energy that is activated through breathing, movement, and attention in these energy centers to heal strengthen and recover our vital energy cycle.
Although it is focused on feminine healing, men can also do this recommended practice to create holistic health.

The Orgasmic Wave